i guess im doing a para ok here we go

THIS YEAR HAS BEEN CRAZY AS SHIT BUT yall made it 10x better by existing like seriously i've been here for 8 months(?) and we've developed such a great community and i love it sm,,,yall are so fucking amazing idk im glad im accepted here; even though we've had mANY fights we're still a great family and i hope next year we can finally meet or something,,,i wanna thank you all for making me happy this year even though i was depressed as fuck idk what i'd do without you guys, you're all beautiful people & i love you all sm,,happy new year xo

i won't tag people cause im afraid i'll forget some but this is aimed at all of you, ilyđź’›

ps; please don't leave me im lonely af ok thank you goodbye

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Mc Striker
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Yh ive left you once to pursue my own happiness. What i have learnt is that happiness is only temporary. It can never last forever.